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Kindles on sale for some lucky people (including me!)

Anyone in the market for a new Kindle (reader or tablet) at a discount? If so, check the Kindle page on your Amazon account. Apparently they're doing a random, targeted promotion, and I'm one of the lucky ones. So I got a PW for $44! I don't need it, but how could I not?? I've been waiting for a deal like that to check them out. :D


ETA: Hmmm, I just saw a comment on the Slickdeals thread that someone didn't get the offer when looking at their account, until they clicked this link to get there. I just tried on my other Amazon account (I keep my ebooks separate from all the rest), and got "We're sorry, you are not eligible for this offer." So who knows. But it couldn't hurt to try.


And here's an image of what your Kindle page will look like if you have the offer.