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Love You Like a Romance Novel (Missing Butterfly)

Love You Like a Romance Novel - Megan Derr I found the names Jason and Jet a little difficult to tell apart, and clearly the author and editor(s) did as well - I saw several instances where the wrong name was used. That was unfortunate, as it really was a good story that would have been better if the characters were more distinguishable.

Also, I found the resolution a bit obvious and convenient. Not sure how else it could've worked though. Except that I really didn't think the first-cousin thing was nearly as big a deal in nearly as many states as they made it out to be. I also couldn't figure out where they were, which might have made a big difference. Were they in one of the few states where it really is a big issue? But why wouldn't moving to another state be an option?

It reminded me how much I'd loved The Missing Butterfly, and how much I'd love to read more stories in this world. I hope we get to see Brit and Brice's story at some point, and Dai and Coop's.