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When will I learn not to start Kendall McKenna books at bedtime? I even had the thought, as I picked it up, that perhaps I ought to read something else. Did I let that stop me? Of course not! And then I proceeded to read through the night. I kept pausing at natural breaking points, telling myself it was a reasonable place to stop and surely I must be tired... And then I dove back in and kept reading.

This book was as good as Strength of the Pack, in similar and different ways. The Marine and war worlds she creates are so similar, a couple of times I had to remind myself that Corey wouldn't have been serving with werewolves.

I noticed a disconcerting number of editing issues. Nothing too egregious, just frequent. Things like Kathryn's name suddenly changing to Kathering, or 'Corey' where it should have been the possessive 'Corey's', etc.