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The king is dead, long live the king

Shock & Awe  - Abigail Roux

I finally read this so I can read Ball & Chain before I get too spoilered. I started out disappointed that reading this - and Ball & Chain - feels more like a chore than an anticipated delight. Where did my enthusiasm for these guys go? Sigh.


So, yeah, maybe my lack of initial excitement had something to do with it, but this story didn't rekindle my enthusiasm. I like Nick and Kelly, individually and can see them working as a couple. I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of them in Ball & Chain, especially how it goes when they come out as a couple to their teammates.


In fact, that may be my biggest enthusiasm for Ball & Chain, since it sounds like Zane has yet to reappear since Madeleine Urban stopped writing him. But I get ahead of myself. This book... I dunno.


I found Kelly's sexytimes enthusiasm at the beginning a little difficult to believe. Yes, he's a man. And yes, men (almost) always want sex. Got it. But, c'mon, he's in so much pain he can't even sit up without help. How freaking much libido can anyone have in that situation? Think about it, like the idea of it? Sure. But actually get it up and act on it? That stretched my suspension of disbelief a bit too far, making it difficult to get into the story.


Once Kelly healed enough for me to believe in his enthusiasm, things got better for me. Except that by then, the book was basically over. Hence my interest in reading more of these guys in Ball & Chain. Basically, I think this book was a setup to replacing Ty and Zane with Nick and Kelly. And it may have worked, at least for me. When I want more Ty and Zane, I need to go reread the first three Cut & Run books to get my fix.