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Grime and Punishment

The Brothers Grime: Jack - Z.A. Maxfield

The career and meet-cute situation in this were both unusual, and I enjoyed that despite being pretty squeamish. I especially thought the explanation for why Jack became a crime-scene cleaner made a lot of sense and fit well with his character.

The humor was great, and I laughed out loud several times. I also really liked Ryan and Jack a lot, individually and as a couple. But while I understand that the situation could create a certain intensity, I wasn't thrilled with how quickly they got so serious. I often prefer HFN to HEA, because I usually find it more believable. But this was barely even HFN, as far as I'm concerned.


I could totally believe the book ending with them planning to give a relationship a shot and see how it goes, but I'd need to see them together a lot longer before I could begin to believe in them lasting beyond next week. And "next week" and "next week" for quite some time, given the circumstances; probably at least a few months, and then I might start believing in "next month" and "next month" for a while. I think this book needed to be a little longer, and give them a bit more time together, for me to really believe in their lasting potential.


I really loved both Dave and Gabe as friends, and was glad to know the next book was already out. I couldn't wait to see more of them, and see if they end up together. I'm particularly eager to see what was hinted at toward the end of this one - exactly what realization did Dave come to about how what happened to Jack affected him? And how did it affect Gabe? But even if the next book wasn't about Dave and Gabe finding HEA together (which I'd probably believe, even after just a few days, given their years of friendship), I was eager to read about at least one of them - preferably Dave - finding HEA.


I opened the book page on Goodreads as soon as I'd reached The End, eager to see which (or both) of them the next book features. I read the blurb, and all my eagerness vanished. Eddie? Really? What do I care about Eddie yet? He seems a nice enough guy, sure. I figured by the end of the next book, I'd be eager to read his story. But not yet; I don't know enough to care about him yet. I want Dave! And Gabe. Bah. I'll almost certainly read it, because it's ZAM, and I'll probably love it. But I think I'll wait until Book 3 is out, so I can hopefully get Dave and/or Gabe's story right after. Hmph.