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Bob the Book - David Pratt It was a really good book, one I very much enjoyed reading. Obviously I'm a bibliophile, and it was fun to read a book from the perspective of a book. And I liked the premise of moving on and making happiness for yourself wherever you land. So, overall, a good experience but I'm very glad I didn't have to pay $10 for it. Though I wonder if paying $10 would have made me like it more, as psychology studies have found cognitive dissonance effects such as people rationalizing themselves into preferring things they've paid more for (such as $10 for a short book), and placing greater value on purchased items that can't be returned. Both of which would be true if I'd paid $10 for this rather than borrowing it, and factors that might contribute to the higher reviews from people who have paid $10 for it.But if I keep thinking along those lines I'm going to want to set up an experiment to test that hypothesis. So I'll shut up now! :)