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The Island - Lisa Henry The name 'Shaw' was so over-used at the beginning, I was sick of it by the second page. It was like listening to someone who misinterpreted "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and uses your name fifty-bazillion times in the course of a five-minute conversation because they think it will make you feel more favorably about them. I had to make a conscious decision to ignore that in an effort to appreciate the story. I don't know if it got better after that or I actually succeeded, but I finally stopped noticing it by the end of the first chapter or so, and was able to appreciate the story after that.A lot of the torture stuff was difficult to read, of course. But I think my biggest issue with this story was that I had trouble believing in the romance between the two main characters. I understand why Lee might believe himself in love with Shaw, and I thought that was handled well in the story. But I never really got why Shaw would love Lee, and so had a hard time believing it was more than some sort of white-knight syndrome.Despite all that, I really did enjoy the story and would read more by this author.