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Dirty Kiss - Rhys Ford I loved it, but... I thought the intro was awesome, it grabbed me right away and I knew I was in for a great story. And I was, this author is a fantastic writer who tells a compelling and entertaining story, but there were some things that bothered me.Like the use of "pout" to variously describe the penis slit, the asshole, and the usual facial expression. Having seen Jae's asshole called a pout ("My fingers tested the man’s pout, pushing and teasing the rosy ring."), it was a little odd to see him "turning his pout onto Bobby" in the middle of a clothed conversation. The mental image conjured by those words was hilarious, but probably not where the author intended for my mind to go.And at one point Cole kissed Jae, and "the moistness of Jae's mouth made me weep..." Really? Cole started weeping in the middle of a kiss because the other guy's mouth was moist? What did he expect it to be, dry as a desert? I also disliked the over-use of "the man" to describe Jae during sex. That made it seem really impersonal, not to mention repetitive. Between that and the oddly located, catch-me-if-you-can pout, the sex scenes really pulled me out of the story. I eventually took to skimming them, as the rest of the story was so great and I hated to spoil it. There were also some confusing continuity errors, like the tapping of Grace's heels signalling her impending arrival, though she'd been barefoot moments earlier (as was everyone in the house except Cole). And the various times Cole and/or Jae were seriously injured, then having wild monkey sex much sooner after than I'd have thought possible. There was some explanation about how they're men, so even in pain they're horny. Yeah, okay, but unless they're into pain, some of those injuries seemed like they'd be pretty incapacitating for a bit.I'm picking at nits, but those nits distracted me from the story so I think they're worth picking. I loved that Cole, as a former cop and current PI, couldn't resist investigating even though he'd never worked homicide. His background made his curiosity and sleuthing skills reasonable, while his lack of relevant experience made his mistakes plausible. He was a bit more insta-lovey with Jae than I'd have really liked, especially since I didn't really get enough sense of Jae to really understand it. But I appreciated that Jae at least retained the common sense to remember that they barely knew each other.There was one mystery that was never explained, much though I wish it had been. It's realistic enough that we may never know, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to. I'm very much looking forward to the next book.