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Ex Equals - L.A. Witt I loved the story and the way it unfolded between present and past, with POV from each of the protagonists. I do wish it had been longer, so we could have experienced more of the details. I especially wished there wasn't quite as big a jump to the epilogue, as I'd have liked to see a bit more of how they worked things out and dealt with the daily realities of being together again in secret. I understand why Chris forgave Justin relatively easily, but after the hell of the end and the three years apart, it seemed to me that forgiveness was just a bit too easy. And/or that Justin was a bit too clueless; maybe I'd have felt better about it if we'd seen more of his coming-to-terms with just how badly he screwed up.This probably won't be an issue for most readers, but I wished for some more specific details about their work environment: what kind of a ship were they on? What were their rates? "Choose your rate, choose your fate" is a reality, not just a trite saying, so it would have told me a lot more about the characters and their lives if I knew that. At the very least, what sort of shop were they in? (Of course, if I knew their rates I could guess at the shop). And where were they? I thought San Diego at first, but mention of humidity made me think Norfolk. At which point I realized I was thinking of those because they're major Navy cities, and I really had no clue. It would have helped to know, to anchor (haha) me better in a sense of place.Other than racking my brain trying to read between the lines to figure out those details, I really appreciated the accuracy and attention to detail of Navy life. Of course, LA Witt being a Navy wife, I expected it, but it was still a joy to see. As a former Navy wife myself, all the Navy details made for some interesting (fun and not-so-fun) flashbacks. Though it was a surprise to learn that the Navy finally wised up and ditched the hated dungarees for a uniform they can actually wear off the darn base. I can only imagine the joy that decision was met with! I trusted she was right and went with it, but as soon as I finished I headed for Wikipedia to get a look at the new uniform for myself and find out the specifics of when and how it all changed.Also, there was something interesting about reading this story the day before DADT is officially history. Was the release date at all intentional, or just a great coincidence?