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Glitterland - Alexis Hall 3.5 starsKate and Ami already summed up most of my thoughts about this book. So what can I add?While not quite a Magic Penis cure, this story was close enough to make me pause to consider if it qualified. I appreciated Ash's character growth but ultimately am unsure how lasting I believe it to be.I really loved the secondary characters; Amy and Niall in particular. Amy was an awesome character, so much so that she almost stole the book. I would have liked to get to know Max better, but from what little I saw of him I thought they could be good together.I started out disliking Niall, but by the end of the book was rooting eagerly for a sequel in which we see him get a HEA; quite possibly with David, as I rather liked him and thought they might be a good match. But whether with David or not, I want to see Niall end up happy with someone. And in the process I want to learn more about him, as he's a wonderfully complex character who obviously has a background story worth learning.And, in quick summary agreement of Kate and Ami, I never really liked Ash nor found him particularly sympathetic. I liked Darian to the extent I got to know him, but his characterization felt as shallow as his character was reputed to be. I laughed out loud several times.I think that about covers it, except to say that I really, REALLY want Niall's story now, please.