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Once and Always - Judith McNaught I'm torn on this one. I loved it almost as much as I remembered from years ago, and had relatively little difficulty getting and staying engrossed at a time I'm struggling with that. I was also kind of impressed with my memory, because when rereading a Lisa Kleypas book in which the hero gave the heroine jewelry and asked for a kiss, I remembered that I'd read a book in which that played a much more significant role. Amazingly, it didn't take much for me to figure out this was the book, and I was right.However, I also thought I remembered the hero having a greater understanding of his transgression after raping the heroine on their wedding night. I also thought I remembered him penitently agreeing not to take her again until she asked him to, but that he be allowed to touch and kiss her in an effort to inspire her to ask. I remembered that lasting a while, a slow, steady, sexy seduction. Apparently that was another book, but I can't remember which one.In this one, he rapes her and then seems to have a moment of recognizing she was a virgin. Does that make him question or re-evaluate anything? Apparently not. Her ultimate capitulation felt too easy, and I was particularly frustrated that he never developed sufficient understanding or guilt about his actions. That made it much harder to like him or want them together for the remainder of the book. And yet I stayed engrossed as I looked and waited for that.