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But My Boyfriend Is - K.A. Mitchell 4.5 starsI can see what others meant about missing chapters, and there's no way the "last" chapter is anything other than a mis-named epilogue. But I was engrossed enough to find that only slightly jarring at the time. It's one of those things that niggles more in retrospect than it did in the moment. What bothered me in the moment was that with a couple of "I'm sorrys" at the end, somehow everything is suddenly forgiven and fine. Um, no. You act like an asshole for years, one "I'm sorry" does not wipe the slate clean and make everything hunky dory. I really, really would have liked to see some time after the "I'm sorrys" to see if any actual behavior was changed. I guess the "epilogue" was supposed to show how peachy everything was down the line, but that just wasn't quite enough to satisfy me.Other than that one niggle at the end, the whole time I was reading the story I was utterly engrossed in it, enough to forgive or overlook any oddities, inconsistencies, typoes, etc. I really didn't notice any, I just loved the story. I thought Dylan's angst was believable, as was Mike's. And up until the "everything's fine now" ending, I thought the progression and deepening of the relationship was realistic.