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A Confederacy of Dunces

A Confederacy of Dunces - I hated this book. Hated. It. Loathed it. Despised it. Abhorred it. Detested it. This book is like the metaphoric hate-child of Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich.I hated the main character. I hated his mother. I hated everyone and everything about it, and most of all I hated the fact that I felt compelled to finish it because I was reading it for a book group. I finally couldn't stand anymore, and it was the only book I DNF'd the whole time I was in that group. Turned out none of the others were able to finish it either.Had I picked it up out of casual interest and thus felt okay to stop reading when I realized I hated it, I probably wouldn't have developed the strong antipathy I did. As it turned out, this is my all-time most-hated book EVER.I might have enjoyed it if it had been about 400 pages shorter. Yes, I realize it's a 394-page book. I resent that I wasted those hours of my life on this crap, and that I can never get them back. They'd have been better spent wallowing in vomit-filled pit, as at least then I'd have been able to shower the filth off afterward. It's been almost 10 years since I tortured myself with this book, and it's still the only book that evokes such passionate hatred when I recall it.