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Metal Heart - Meredith Shayne 4.5 starsI loved it and really engaged and connected with the characters. So much so, that I mostly forgave it when I encountered the Big Misunderstanding. Granted, I may have uttered a disappointed oath or two. And rolled my eyes. And groaned. And paused to consider how else the plot could have worked without the BM. But then I moved on and put it behind me, and other than that one moment it didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the book.The characters are my age, so even though I'm neither a rock star nor Australian, I felt like I could relate to them more than many m/m characters. The first part of the story took place when they were in their 20s in the 1990s, and the second part took place modern day in their 40s. I could wish they'd wasted less time with the BM - and I did - but part of the point was their regret at the wasted time. I definitely got a sense of that, but I think it could have been done up just a little bit more for maximum effect.I felt a little frustrated that it ended where it did, as it seemed to me a rather tenuous HFN. I have no objection to HFN, and in fact much prefer it over insta!love or insta-resoultion-of-major-problems. But I like a HFN that at least feels solid, that I can trust will last more than a day or a week. And this one probably will, but it would have been nice to have a greater sense of that at the end.But, mostly, I think my objection to the ending was because I wasn't ready to be done with these characters. I hope the tenuous HFN ending means there will be a sequel, as I would really love to spend more time with them and see them get their HEA. I'm still thinking about them, wanting to pick the book back up and read more of them, the day after I finished it. That doesn't happen all the time. Or even often. So, overall I loved this story despite several niggles.